Most Managers understand RISK:

Hindenburg disaster, May 6, 1937
Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion April 20, 2010
Waterfall rail accident NSW, January 2003

Risk is anything that undermines the achievement of your objectives:

Did you know one of the biggest risks to your organisation's success lies within your organisation!
The behaviours of your people –from the Board to the floor!

We ignore it because it's too hard, we don't understand what to do, we don't even know how to talk about it other than in simplistic terms like silo mentality, lack of cooperation, blocking, biased decisions, back-stabbing, obstruction, defensive routines, malicious compliance, corridor conferences, opportunism, grand-standing, bad relationships, and in-fighting.

Corporate culture is on the agenda as never before, and with it the opportunity for HR professionals to fully engage on this critical area of business.

Culture is set from the top, and if people can’t speak truth unto power, then it can be hard for HR professionals to open business leaders’ eyes to the things that matter'. Being able to measure the culture at the top, and assess the risk that the culture creates for the organisation is critical for business success.

ICM can assess cultural risk in top teams like the Board or the Executive Group. Our methodology is fully compliant with ISO 31000 Risk Management, has been validated by Deloittes. It provides a transparent and precise risk profile for the cultural impact of these top teams.

ICM’s Behavioural Risk Assessment methodology has been used to test for cultural alignment and risk in the procurement of large infrastructure and services contracts with a total value of over $2 BILLION!

Behavioural risk is real, and we all know it!

ICM has the unique capability of describing, measuring, diagnosing, understanding and documenting behavioural and cultural risk in organisations!
ICM can assess the behavioural risk profile for a team such as the Board or the Executive Team.

based on the objectives of the team,
in the context of the organisation,
using the organisation's own risk management system

And create verifiable entries in the organisation's risk register.
We work with you to develop cultural mitigating strategies – AFTER we have understood and agreed what the problems are.

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