Q & A - Behavioural Risk in your Organisation.

What subjects does your Board not discuss, for example because they are seen as dull, taboo, obvious, impolite or downright dangerous?

To what extent do your Board and leaders believe their successes are the result of good luck?

To what extent are important things known within your organisation that leaders cannot find out?

To what extent does incentives for the Board, the CEO and the Executive produce unwanted or perverse consequences?

To what extent does the Executive challenge and call to account bad behaviours or poor performance within its own group?

To what extent does the behaviour of leaders at all levels provide a consistent and good example to be followed by subordinates?

What behaviours and fundamental principles does your organisation wish to embrace? How clear and memorable are they? To what extent are they consistent with the perceived behaviours and incentives of leaders at all levels?

How often are the organisation's fundamental principles 'worked around' within the Executive group? What does this imply?

Does the Leadership Group make decisions in a timely way? To what extent are these decisions challenged in corridor politics, and then remade?

How quickly does unwelcome news travel upwards to leaders? Is this slower than the speed of good news?

How does the board, CEO, and the executive react to those who deliver unwelcome news? Why? And with what consequences?

How can you ensure that the whole truth is told to those in power?

To what extent are leaders, especially at higher levels, dominant or overbearing? How are the risks of such behaviours recognised and mitigated?

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