Davin Shellshear has over 45 years professional engineering experience, much of this in the executive management of large urban water and sewerage utilities.

A key part of his roles has been the cultural management and transformation of a traditional local government monopoly service provider to a competitive and motivated workforce focussed on providing excellent customer service. The successful transformation was achieved through highly collaborative and inclusive processes that meant the workforce drove much of the change needed. This experience led to a passion for releasing the potential of people in organisations and creating humane and productive work environments.

Davin has considerable experience in:

Training and facilitation
Performance improvement in large organisations
Facilitation & implementation of large infrastructure and service alliances
Consulting to water regulators
Development of risk management systems

As a Yellow-Orange-Green, Davin loves nothing more than helping organisations to diagnose and understand the things that limit their performance, and then work with their them to discover and realise their real potential, both as individuals and as organisations.

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