Team Diagnostics

The TeamDecoder™ is a facilitated diagnostic workshop that uses:

* Individual behavioural maps,

* Team behavioural maps, and

* Open interactive data gathering and analysis with the leadership/ work team, to:

make sense of the team’s complexity of behaviours and interactions. Team behaviour is the outcome of individual’s behavioural preferences, the inevitable tensions that emerges from the differences in preferences, and the environment in which the team works, etc. The work environment always requires that teams moderate (to varying extents) their behaviours to meet organisational requirements.

In complex environments like this, narrative is the only form of data gathering that can approach an understanding of team behaviours, and help the team to make sense of their daily experiences.

The TeamDecoder™ workshop uses this narrative to provide a comprehensive and insightful description of team behaviours under the range of conditions they will experience in the workplace, e.g. at times of stress. It addresses team and individual behaviours from a variety of perspectives; including differentiating between positive, negative and exaggerated behaviours.

As an outcome of the workshop, the team will:

* make sense of and have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the behavioural issues facing the team, and the significance of those issues;

* be able to link behavioural issues identified, to problems and concerns experienced in the work environment;

* test alignment of the team with the organisation’s requirements for this team;

* collectively develop a detailed and concrete behavioural action plan to address the issues identified with ICM guide sheets;

* have the foundation to collectively conduct a 3600 feedback process based on the ICM behavioural maps. This enables mutual support of team members on their individual and collective development paths;

* identify the need for training and/ or coaching support for behavioural issues identified in individuals and/or the team;

* develop a behavioural contract, including performance measures, as a clear roadmap to improved performance;

* establish an action learning plan to support the team on its development path.

In addition, the TeamDecoder™ outcomes when combined with the group profile, will enable precise assessment and management of behavioural risk to the organisation resulting from team behaviours. The analysis uses the Organisation’s own risk management system. The risk analysis uses mitigating strategies to further manage improvement actions. According to the risk management system, investment in team improvements can be financially justified.

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