Fill in a short web-enabled questionnaire and a qualified ICM practitioner will provide face to face feedback.

As an Individual:

Here you will find out what drives and motivates you as an individual through your logic pattern, the rejections (behaviours you are averse to), your energy balance and mindset. Being aware of your drives and behaviours is the first step in developing behaviours appropriate to key situations and in understanding your impact on others. The true value of this approach is demonstrated when individual profiles are brought together to build a team profile. Understanding the profile of those who you work with will significantly enhance lines of communication between team members. A common language is instilled that enables teams, individuals and managers to discuss tensions, highlight blind spots and enhance team strengths.

As an Individual - Specialised Industries:

We have a specific questionnaire for people working in the field of Education. Education is seen as the key to our common future. The new questionnaire is focused on those who work to provide education for our children.
In applying ICM to the field of education, we have seen that the possibilities for application are nearly inexhaustible. To outline a picture of this, we have asked managers from the education field to share their experience with you. There are some inspiring stories which you can see in the educational case studies.
We also have a questionnaire targeted at those working in the field of Sports. Early application with the Dutch National Hockey Team have been very encouraging.

Free On-line Training Program:

We are so confident that our system for describing and understanding individual behaviour is the best on the market, we have made our complete individual training program free on-line.

This training program provides you free access to training materials, supporting materials and bonus tutorials to enable you to assess our system and to become proficient in the use of ICM behavioural maps. To access, simply click on the link below.

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