What is Accreditation?

The Institute of Collaborative Management Accreditation program provides skills and capabilities to professional consultants, organisational development professionals, coaches and Human Resources professionals, to use the ICM behavioural mapping, team diagnostic system, and other tools to enhance performance, collaboration, well-being and engagement in individuals and teams working in organisations.

Our training program is designed to ensure that every person who undertakes training in our behavioural mapping systems and associated tools is competent and capable, and can deliver superior outcomes for their clients.

The goal of Accreditation is to build a network of organisational development professionals, coaches and HR professionals who use the Institute of Collaborative Management’s methodology in a professional and competent way, to create exceptional value for their clients, whether they be individuals, teams or organisations.

The Institute of Collaborative Management Mission and Vision

Mission: We are consultants, facilitators and pioneers who foster high-impact collaborations that build just, humane and sustainable organisations for outstanding purpose and profits.

Vision: We will work in collaboration with enterprises to create a just, humane and sustainable society.

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