Becoming Accredited

The Accreditation process consists of four levels.

* Level 1 – Individual Behavioural Maps – Provided by Management Drives B.V.

* Level 2 – Team Behavioural Maps and Team Diagnostics – Provided by Management Drives B.V.

* Level 3 - Master Class (Individual and Team Behavioural Maps to suit Australian conditions) – Provided by the Institute of Collaborative Management

* Level 4 – Application Training – Provided by the Institute of Collaborative Management

The training workshops prepare you to use Management Drives B.V. and the Institute of Collaborative Management’s products to full advantage so that you achieve the results you need to succeed. A key principle underlying all Accreditation workshops is that of using live data and being debrief ready, so that you are able to apply the products immediately following completion of the workshops.

Level 1 – Individual Behavioural Maps

A foundation training program aimed at teaching the use of individual behavioural maps, i.e. measuring, interpreting, understanding and applying individual behavioural maps and choosing the right interventions. This training is provided by Management Drives B.V.

You are taught how to effectively read and interpret behavioural map scores and how to convey these results in a manner that can be easily recognised by the test candidate. The challenge here is to provide feedback that is free of judgement. Your own behavioural map determines how you view the maps of others. The training teaches you to focus emphatically on the behaviour of individuals.

Successful completion of the training will entitle you to issue on-line questionnaires to your clients, and provide feedback on their behavioural maps.

It includes competency testing to validate quality of participant knowledge leading to accreditation. Management Drives B.V. reserves the right to not accredit a participant if they fail to meet the quality criteria.

ICM provides a free supporting on-line training course including supporting material and self-assessment in most training modules and lessons. This is a self-paced training program, expected to normally be completed in three (3) weeks. You can access the on-line course by clicking the linke below.

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