Groups and Teams

ICM focuses on the combined behavioural profiles of individuals in a team to provide a behavioural profile for the group or team as an entity. This is not a theoretical "average“ or a simple fitting together of roles. The group profile provides a powerful map of the team’s behaviour under a range of circumstances.

We are able to identify potential tensions between team members, the likely formation of subgroups, and the potential for individuals to be marginalised by the team. Individual profiles enable potential tensions and clashes between team members to be identified and addressed. Similarly we are able to identify potential tensions between individuals and teams, and between teams.

ICM can facilitate enquiry into the team’s experience of their behaviours from a range of perspectives – all within the ICM framework. The combination of the group profile and the enquiry outcomes provides a diagnosis of issues, problems and opportunities arising from the team culture with pinpoint accuracy. In particular, we focus on the alignment of the team’s profile with the role that the team has in the organisation.

This diagnostic process brings the team on the journey of understanding, from data collection, through analysis, and the development of cultural strategies to mitigate the risks and enhance the team’s performance. Our facilitators are highly trained and skilled in the enquiry and analytical processes, and can help the team to find strategies and action plans that are both effective, align with the teams strengths and energy, and will be owned by the team.

We offer guidance in the following areas:

Team building – improve co-operation and ensure optimal performance. ICM offers individual, pair and whole of team coaching programs. In addition, ICM offers team development and leadership training tailored to suit the needs of the team.
Team design – guidance on creating the most effective project teams, planning tasks and using the Drives of team members in the most productive way at each stage of the project
Team diagnosis – is the team well suited to their task? Does their task call for an approach involving renewal, improvement or stability? Which Drives are missing from the team? We use our six step model to lead the team to the best possible outcome.