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Anders Moberg, former CEO of AHOLD and IKEA

"I used Management Drives in various situations, both in Europe and in emerging markets, with the objective of creating efficient and effective leadership teams. Each time, Management Drives provided a major contribution to creating a shared language for our different cultures, styles and ways of working. This in turn resulted in a much more effective cooperation, faster resolution of conflicts and ultimately better performance at the companies that I directed."

Paul Doop, vice president executive board, University of Amsterdam

"I see it as my passion and challenge to bring together both visions and people who are, in a professional way, strongly focused on their own domain. Management Drives helps, by providing us with the understanding that enables us to direct the organisation more effectively. All with great respect for the individual whilst simultaneously providing pointers for better cooperation."

Hans Jacobs, chief RISK van Lanschot Bankiers

"We see the improvements that you have achieved with this company and I compliment you on that. I found the collaboration very enjoyable and where appropriate in the future, I will certainly think of you as a consultant / advisor / coach of companies with problems. The battle is not over, but I think it’s very impressive what you have achieved to date.".

Mark Slaman, Nyenrode Business University

"I got to know Management Drives as a HRM lecturer and programme chief of Nyenrode’s Master’s Degree in Business Studies. In my experience, the power of Management Drives is threefold: it is easily applicable, simultaneously profound and has a large range of applications.
Within organisations, insights are being generated at an individual, team and organisational level through understanding Drives, desires and tensions. Also, in a educational environment, the application is immense; it enables both lecturers and programme leaders to engage in a way which is appropriate to the working of a particular group – how they learn and want to be addressed. It provides feedback to students that is practical and applicable for working in teams, career targeting and personal development."

Hendrik Noppen, county secretary during merger of 3 North-Holland counties at the start of 2011

"Management Drives was and is important for our combined organisation because it enables us to see ‘through emotions’, and to observe our own behaviour as well as that of others objectively. MD is especially valuable in being able to observe and interpret the interaction of people in groups and teams.
We enjoy using the Management Drives method, and by using it we see a chance to build a more professional organisation."

Bart Looije, Head Coach Schaerweijde Hockey Club in NRC

"I think it is mainly the focus on the mental aspect which is going to keep Schaerweijde in the Major League. How does one respond under pressure? That is what matters at the highest level. That is what we plot accurately with Management Drives. I think we can gain from of this, relative to other clubs."

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