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A company loses a lot of money in job placement through failing to understand drives.

The role: Administrative Inspector - requiring someone with a detail mind, sober, clarifies missing details, direct, reliable and solid.
Activities: Enter time sheets and tally lists into computer, collect tally lists from field workers and chase up if late, print standard reports, help colleagues if they fall behind.
The drives that align with this role are: Blue, Red, Orange!

As a result of the inputs from: the manager (yellow-orange), a colleague (green), peer input from another inspector (orange-blue), the job description started as:

Use processes to translate data into information.
Maintain good relationships with field workers, go into the field as required.
Supply and protect the management information.
Nice colleague.

The HR person (green, yellow) translated this into:

Good social skills, committed, people oriented.
Flexible, is able to function in a dynamic environment.
Looks from a broader perspective.
A fine team player.

The Advertisment:

Experienced team looks for enthusiastic team player with good social skills.
The job contains, among other things:
.......relating to the field workers,
.......collecting data,
.......creating management and research information,
.......accuracy control.
Are you the ……

Interview Panel: A manager (orange, yellow, red), A HR representative (orange, green, yellow)
Successful Applicant: An orange, yellow, green person.

Result: The successful applicant was squashed by the job and left in 6 months, costing the company and the applicant considerable sums of money.

Do you recognise this practice in your own business?

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